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ABC programme in Thrissur: a first for Kerala. There was an urgent need to implement the Animal Birth Control in Thrissur. The stray animal population had increased alarmingly and more and more cases of dogs attacking people, especially children, were being reported. The panic response, because of the fear of Rabies, to this was rampant killing of stray dogs using gruesome methods.

Not only was this inhumane but it was also punishable under the Animal protection laws. It has been proved by trial in many cities across India that the only way out of this impasse was to implement the ABC (Animal Birth Control)and vaccination against rabies programme. We got in touch with a group of doctors in Bangalore who were prepared to come down to Thrissur with a team of dog catchers and paramedics. This was a first in the whole of Kerala.

Though the courts have been asking the different corporations all across Kerala to get this implemented on a war footing, the authorities for whatever reason, had not done so. So PAWS THRISSUR decided to go ahead with this. Since the corporation members were not in agreement, they would not fund us. We decided to go ahead all the same. Luckily the District Collector and some of the members were prepared to help us. So we were allotted a few rooms in a school in Ollur panchayath. Thus we launched the ABC programme in Thrissur on 21.05.2014 inspite of numerous problems that we faced, including a shortage of anaesthetic medicine. We raised the money from our friends and contacts. The programme was a success. We had to stop after a week as the schools were reopening and we had to vacate the premises. But we do plan on continuing with it when we are able to find another suitable place. We are very grateful to the individuals who helped us with taking this mission forward.