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He was rescued on 28.06.2012 from Fathima Fashion Street, Fathima Nagar by Preethi in response to a call from Dr Adenwala and his wife. He was found in a ditch and was extremely scared. He may have been abandoned due to a disable forearm which is seen in the photo. He was taken to Mannuthy veterinary Hospital and an X ray was taken. Doctors said that the deformity might be congenital. He was taken to Preethi’s home where he still remains. The case was seen by Dr John martin and Dr Naryanan at Mannuthy.

A black cross dog was found, semi paralysed ( probably after it was hit by a vehicle ) at Puzhakkal. Preethi was informed by Aurn, owner of the petrol pump, where the dog was lying. Preethi and ullas took the dog to Mannuthy on 25.07.12, where it was under treatment. The case was seen by Dr Anoop. The dog, unfortunately died during treatment.

This dog found as on 27/7/2012 by Prakesh, near Vyduthi Bhavan, punkunnam. He was unable to eat well due to a piece of rope tied tightly around his neck. The piece of rope was removed and first aid was given. He was fed for a few days after which he recovered completely.