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Rani is a black female labrador thst was abandoned at Ayyanthole, near the ground. She was probably abandoned due to a bad skin condition. She had a wound above the stump of  her tail which had maggots in it. She was extremely friendly even at the time of rescue (14.02.13), in spite of the fact that she had been abandoned She is presently under the care of her foster parents, Mrs Shoba and Dr Babu. The rescue was attended by Kannan and Preethi. The information was given by Roshan.

This puppy was rescued by Joseph on 05.02.13 after being informed by Balagopal that a dog had been hit by a vehicle at Thaikattussery. The puppy was taken to Mannuthi veterinary hospital and admitted for treatment, but it ran away the same day and treatment could not be started.

A male dog involved in an accident and had been in a ditch at valialukkal for over two days. It had been howling in pain and was rescued on 09.02.13 by Joseph. It had been in the water in a ditch, had a raw wound on his tail, where it had lost all the hair around. No other external injury could been seen, but showed constant twitching. It was treated first at Paravattani by Dr Giridas and later that day by Dr John Jacob who suspected cerebral oedema, probably because he got hit on his head by a vehicle. He was treated for a few days, but as there was no improvement  in his condition, he was euthanised on 21.02.13, by Dr John Jacob.