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Tommy was a friendly non descriot male dog who was rescued at Pushpagiri Gramam, Punkunnam on 21.02.13, after his right forelimb was broken, following an accident. The case was informed by Balagopal. The dog was rescued by Joseph and Kannan at night. Preliminary treatment (immobilization of the forelimb) was done by them and the next day he was taken to Kokkalai ehere his forelimb was put in a plaster. He is still under the care of Joseph.

This puppy was rescued from a ditch at Punkunnam on 23.02.13 where she had been after she was hit by a vehicle. She was howling in pain. Her hind leg was wounded and she showed constant twitching as she was probably hit on the head and the vets suspected brain damage. She was treated at Kokkalai veterinary hospital, but with no improvement in her condition, she was euthanised on 27.02.13. the case was attended by Sally, Joseph, Dr Babu and Mrs Shoba.

This dog was badly injured and had been on the streets for some months. We got a call from a lady at Wadakkanchery requesting us to put the dog down, concidering the condition he was in-dragging his hind quarters. Joseph took him to a hospital at Wadakkancherry, but the vet refused to put the dog down. The next day, the dog was brought to Thrissur and euthanised here.