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This dog had fallen into a well in Poothole and Kannan received a call for it to be rescued, on 5.3.13. It had been in the well for a long time and was terrified. Kannan got into the well and helped the dog out, in the process getting bitten by the terrified dog. He was taken out
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of the well, after which the dog ran
Malu was hit by an auto on Marar road and was being fed by auto drivers and near by shop keepers. She was unable to walk. We were informed and she was rescued on 7.03.13 by Joseph.The injury was on her spine, near the tail bone. She was under treatment and recovered well. On 31.5.13. She was adopted by Dr Chandran and Mrs Devi for her mother at Patturaikkal. Unfortunately she ran away after 2 weeks when the milkĀ¬man left the gate open and has not been heard of since.
This dog was found at
Gandhinagar,off Cheroor road, suffering from canine distemper. It was taken by Manoj and Joseph to at Paravattany hospital on 10.03. 13, where treatment was given,but it succumbed to the illness.