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After a few attempts by various volunteers, Vani was final-ly rescued by Kannan and Joseph on 20.3.13 from Shaktan stand ground, after a wire had been wound around her tail.The wire was cut off,she did not need treat-ment,but was taken by us,to be re-homed,since she already had a collar on her neck and must have belonged to someone previously.

We received a call from Vivek to say that a dog that is usu-ally seen near his office building is sick and requires treatment. She was taken to the hospital by Sally and Joseph and treatment started. Later, on 21.3.13, Preethi and Ullas attended the case with Dr john Jacob and further treatment was given after which she was fine.

This puppy was found on 02.04.13 near Cherumukku tem-ple, affected by canine distemper. It was irrecoverably ill and had to be put down. It was around 4 months of age.