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We were informed that she was found abandoned at Koorkenchery. On 4.4.13, she was rescued by Ullas and Sally and taken for treatment. There was a compression of her discs after some accident and hence she is semi paralysed and cannot move her hind quarters.As we do not know the age of the acci-dent, recovery is doubtful and we are in the process of ordering a wheel chair for her. She was proba-bly abandoned after she became semi paralysed.

She was found abandoned at Kolangattukara on 10.4.13 and we were informed by Mr Babu.She had a tumor on her tummy and was highly emaciated. She looks less than one year of age and is hyper-active.She was probably aban-doned after she developed the turner.

When Vani was rescued by us, we were unaware that she was pregnant and after 2 months, she littered 5 puppies on 23.4.13. The runt died after a month. One was adopted by Mrs Elsy and another one by Mrs Hema Rajeev along with Isabella on 27.6.13