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This Alsation cross, female dog was rescued from the compound of an unoccupied house at Vadookara, on 7.6.13, after apreson from the neighbouring house started com-plaining that the dog is becoming ter-ritorial, starving for food.

Blacky is a beautiful German Shepherd from a house near westend super market, Punkunnam. He is looked after by servants and his own-ers are away at Switzerland. He has huge tumors hanging on this ventral side and a skin infection on his back, in patches. His condition has been to-tally neglected. The case was attend-ed on 7.6.13 by Preethi and who called Dr John Jacob in response to a call from Mrs Gita Vijaykumar, who lives close by. The dog was treated, after counselling the servants who were in charge of the dog. Medinices for treatment were supplied.

Litty, a very friendly female daschund was found abandoned at Kanimangalam. She was rescued by Satish on 10.6.13 and is now fostered by Roshan. She had a skin infection and is now under treatment.