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On 10.6.13, Rohit Pisharody called us to say he has found some stray puppies abandoned in a box at MLA road. Having no place to take them, he handed them over to Sally and Kannan who are fostering them till they find good homes. Two male puppies have been taken by Mr Chandy and Mrs Omana Chandy on 20.6.13

Rose was returned to us on 11.06.13 as she did not settle down in her adopted home well and fell ill again with a maggot wound near her anus and a ear infection. In her dis-comfort she has started growling and barking at the people in the house and they requested us to take her back. We brought her back and treat-ed her for her ailments.The vet who saw her the next day told us that the infection was recurring because of improper docking of her tail.

This little fellow strayed into our compound and we could not find his mother. So he is being kept along with the other puppies which will be given for adoption.