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This cat was found at Bipin’s house at Nallangara-Gandhi nagar. It was unable to walk properly. Preethi attended the case along with Dr John Jacob on 26.6.13. Doctor said it was due to an infection and hence an im-balance in the ear. She was given tab-lets in her food and recovered in a few days and went off by herself.

These puppies were found by Manoj when a stray dog near his house littered. They started following their mother , to Manoj’s house. Sensing the dangers of the puppies being attacked by people in the area, Manoj decided to foster them till he found good home s for them. They have been taken over by PAWS Thrissur on 26.6.13 and are now fos-tered by us. One was adopted by Vivek on 30.06.13.

Thumbi is an approximately 5 month old Doberman Pinscher found abandoned at Manakkodi. Mrs Sugandhi called us regarding this emaciated female dog, on 5.7.13. Preethi and Ullas attended the case on 7.7.13. They decided to feed her, tie her up and then pick her up the next day, but she ran behind their car on to the main road, almost getting hit by a car, when they decided to take her the same day. She was probably abandoned due to a bad fungal infec-tion on her skin. Mrs Sugandhi has promised to re home her after she is got back into shape.