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These 7 puppies were rescued on 11.07.13 by Ratheesh when he found them less than a month old, all huddled up after someone had poured hot water on them, which was what some union workers in the area said. One which was in a badly infected state, died the very next morning.

On 19.7.13, we received a call from Mumtaz at Paravattany to say that a dog was hit by a vehicle and had been thrown into a ditch. Unable to move and in pain, it was howling terribly through the night. On the same day,Sally and Joseph went in search of the dog but were unable to find it. On 21.7.13, Mumtaz called again saying they could hear the dog howling again and it was unbearable. Sally and Pratheek attended the case and was helped throughout by Mumtaz. Pratheek got the dog out of the ditch. It was ferocious, out of fear. It was treated by Dr John Jacob and is pres-ently being kept with us, till it recovers, after which, it will be released in the same area from where it was found.He has been named Lucky.

On 22.7.13,we got a call from Santhosh, reporter in Manorama, saying that a dog was found seriously ill at Bishop’ s palace road opposite St joseph’s convent. On 23.7.13, Sally and Pratheek attended the case. The matter had been reported in the Manorama newspaper that morning. The dog was taken to Paravattany hospital for treat-ment. The condition of the dog was very bad. The doctors suspected a viral ill-ness like Parvo virus. The dog did not re-gain consciousness after it was rescued and died the same day.