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A squirrel was caught by Preethi’s neighbour’s cats who left it half dead. They handed it over to Preethi who took it to the Kokkalai veterinary hospital and looked after it for 2 days. It unfortunately did not survive and died in 2 days.

Rani is an approximately 1 1/2 year old Doberman who was found by Prakesh on 10.08.12 at Cheerachi. She was taken to the vet, treated and later adopted by Prakesh’s friend Parvathy.

Peaches- She was rescued from TUDA road (near Kalyan sa-rees) on 19.08.12 by Preethi with the help of Justin (a non member who became a member). She was probably abandoned there. She seemed ok at sight, but then we no-ticed that she was not eating food as a Labrador generally would. She was diagnosed with pyometra at Mannuthy and then treated there for a few days and then shifted to Preethi’s house where the treatment was continued. When her health was normalized, a hysterectomy was done. She was adopted by Mrs Nalini Chandan but later ran away from there. She was found and kept by Farista from whom Preethi took her and she has been adopted again. The case was attended by Dr Anoop.