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On 24.7.13, Kannan received a call from Sinoj, about a dog that was hit by a vehicle and found badly in-7.00 jured at Puzhakkal. Kannan and Pratheek attended the case along with Dr john Jacob. The dog had been there for a few days. It was temporari-ly kept at a petrol bunk and was under treatment. The next day, ther e seemed to be no improvement in the condition of the dog and it had to be euthanized.

On 25.7.13, we received a call regarding a dog that had been hit by a vehicle, at Thalore. The dog had been paralysed down from the hind quar-ters. Preethi and Pratheek attended the case along with Dr Raghu. He suggested that a X Ray was taken to confirm the fracture in the vertebrae, that he suspected. Arrangements were made for the dog to be kept over night at a house near by. The next day, Kannan and Pratheek took the dog for an X ray and the fracture was confirmed. It is now being kept at Pratheek’s friend house at Chittilapilly and might have to be eu-thanized as the chances of recovery are minimal, considering its condi-tion.

On 26.7.13,Santhosh informed us that a German Shepherd was found abandoned in a ditch at Manakkodi. She was a very friendly female dog.Kannan and Pratheek res-cued her and took her home.She is now being treated and fostered by Kannan, after which she will be given for adoption