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This non descript dog was hit by a vehicle and thrown into Mr Suraj’s compound where it lay, in-jured. He called and asked us to at-tend the case. Its back bone was frac-tured and had been infested with maggots and ants when we attended the case on 08.08.13. It had to be put down which was done by the local vet.

This dog was also found abandoned on MLA road on 8.8.13, sitting under a tree. The next day he was found sitting in the very same spot, waiting for his owners to come. Kannan picked him up on 9.8.13 and arranged a foster , Sindu, for him. We named him Woolfy. He settled down so well in Sindu’s home, that she ad-opted him.

This is a friendly female cross breed who was supposed to have been hurt and injured by people in the area. The informer begged us to take her away saying her life was in danger. She was rescued by Ratheesh on 14.08.13. On examina-tion, the vets confirmed a congenital disorder and this was not due to an injury. She is unlikely to get adopted as she has a bent spine and is other-wise healthy.