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On 20.8.13, these two cotton balls were picked up from Pudukkad after Midhila informed us that people in the area were killing dogs and the lives of these two were also in dan-ger. After some days, they were both adopted by Ratheesh.

On 22.8.13, Farista informed us that Mr Augustine(Secretary, Caninle Club of Thrissur), had seen a German Shepherd, abandoned in front of Parmekkavu school. On the same day, he was rescued up by Preethi and Roopa and was under treatment, but died some days later.

On 22.8.13, Santosh informed us that a mother dog had died, near Manorama junction, leaving behind 4 puppies, 2 of which were rescued by us. They were hardly 2 weeks old and had to be bottle fed. Unfortunately, they did not survive more than a week.