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This over active Labrador female, Ruby was found abandoned at Chazhoor and was rescued by Roopa and Ratheesh on 27.8.13. She was fostered by Roopa ,Sarath and us and given for adoption on 21. 10.13

This female black Labrador was found abandoned and injured around her right ear. We were in-formed by Santhosh from Paralikkad. She was rescued by us and treat-ment was given for her maggot wounds. She was very friendly but found to be aggressive when food was around. After treatment, she was adopted by Mr Anil at Trivandrum.

Rocky was found aban-doned at Manakkodi and we were in-formed by the same person who in-formed us about Eva. He had a slight skin condition.He was rescued on 8. 9.13 by Ratheesh and has not yet been given for adoption.