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This Pomeranian cross female was found abandoned at Kunnamkulam and was rescued by Ratheesh on 27.9.13. She is now being fostered by Kannan Narayanan, but may not get adopted as she is slightly old and not very friendly.

Kuku was fed biscuits regularly by Neha, on MLA road. Unable to find her one day, she went looking for her and found her lying in the fields, un-able to get up. She was obviously hit by a vehicle. Neha informed us and Sarath atteneded the case the same day, on 28.09.13. Due to lack of a 24 hour vet service, he was unable to get her treated. The next day he went back to take her to the hospital, but found her lying dead.

Sarath and Ratheesh rescued Mandy from near Aranattukara church ton 3.10.13, after we got a call from Faisal. Apparently he’d been there for the past 4 to 5 months, sick and weak and everyone had turned a blind eye to him. Amazing that a spark of life clings on to such a body. He was obviously abandoned by someone. He was looked after and nursed back to health by Preethi Sreevalsan and his condition has improved tremendous-ly.