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Ram-He is an Indian breed cross who was found near NH 47 at Marathakara on 23.9.12. When Prakesh saw him, he was thin and weak and could not even walk prop-erly. Prakesh fed him and then took him home for him to recoup. He’s friendly and doing fine now and is ready for adoption.

This cat was found injured at Valikalukkal, paralysed waist down-wards. He was first injured and then hit by a bike while crossing the road. The cat was rescued by Preethi and Balagopal and was taken to Mannuthy veterinary hospital. An x ray was taken, which showed frac-ture of his vertebral column and had to be euthanized. The case was seen by Dr Anoop.

This dog was rescued by Preethi and Rajesh (non member) from near Aswini hospital. The dog was hit by a bus 3 days prior to the rescue. On hearing about the inci-dent from Rajesh, Preethi went to the spot and rescued the dog with the help of Rajesh and took it to Kokkalai veterinary hospital. Since it required an X ray to be taken, it was then taken to Mannuthy veteri-nary hospital and preliminary treat-ment was given. As we had no place to keep the dog, it was re-leased the same day and where-abouts not known since.