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This daschund was found abandoned near Ayyanthole ground. We were informed by Dundu. He was picked up by Sarath on 31.10.13 and was with us till he got adopted .

This dog was rescued from Wadakkanchery following a call from the police station where the dog had been lying for some days under a vehi-cle. She was probably hit by a vehicle and was rescued by Sarath and Babu on 31.10.13.She had a pelvic fracture and was unable to move. She was treat-ed at Kokkala Vet hospital and seen by Dr Vinod. She is presently under treat-ment.

Preethi was informed by IT offi-cer Suresh, that there was a dog roam-ing near Karthiayani Temple, Chembukkavu, with a belt tied very tight around its neck which has eaten into the flesh causing an open wound which was smelling badly and full of pus. On inquiry we heard that the dog was previously owned by a man who later died and hence the dog, a very friendly non descript male, ended up on the streets. He was rescued by Kannan Anchery and Preethi on 31.10.13 and taken for treatment to Paravattany vet hospital and seen by Dr Thankachan. He was kept with us during the treat-ment period and then released after treatment, back in the same place from where we got him, on 18.11.13.