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These two pups were found orphaned after their mother died of an un known cause. We were in-formed by Usha and the pups were rescued by Sarath on 7.11.13 and sheltered by us. They are now ready for adoption.

On 7.11.13, Manju informed us about this puppy whose for leg had a fracture. She had taken it to Kokkala for treatment the same day and hoped they would take it in, but when they refused, she brought it over to us to be kept during the treatment period as it could not be released in this condition.

This non descript female dog which was previously owned by someone, was hit by vehicle at Kutenellur . She was rescued by Sarath and Babu on 9.11.13 and taken for treatment to Mannuthy vet hospital and kept in the same place where we found her. She is still under treatment.