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Pepper was rescued by Ratheesh on 20.10.13, from Choondal after Dundu informed us that he had been abandoned there for over two months. He seems slightly old and may not get adopted. He is being fos-tered by Rekha Nandakumar now. His initial treatment is over, but seems a bit weak overall.

On 21.10.13 at 9 pm,we were informed by Mr Sashi Warrier, that a crow was ill and found lying in the rain, in front of his house. Sarath at-tended the case. It was probably electrocuted. Was kept safe from the rain that night. We were unable to treat it the same night due to lack of vet services and it died on the way to the hospital next morning.

On 10.11.13, we received a call from the police control room saying that a female calf(who we named Nandini), was knocked down by a bull ( which we have never come across before) and badly injured.She was rescued the same day by Preethi and Kannan Anchery and taken to Mannuthy vet hospital where treat-ment was started. She was probably thrown by the bull and had a disloca-tion in her hind leg . She is now kept at Preethi’s house till she recovers. She is four months old and the young age might help recovery.