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This Labrador was found abandoned at Peringavu. We were informed by Vivek who has previously adopted one of our rescued dogs, Ruby. On 18.11.13, the dog was rescued by Sarath and Preetham. It was found with a maggot infested wound near the anus, which was treated by us. After treatment, he was given on adoption, but was not looked after well and was taken back by us. He has now been re adopted.

On 18.11.13, Pratheek found this white Labrador abandoned at Perimbillissery. She has a small problem with her right eye. She was rescued by him the same day.

This dog was hit by a vehicle on 19.11.13 at Anchery. It was unable to move and was howling in pain. Kannan Anchery ar-ranged a foster home for him. It had a dis-placement in the vertebral column and vets were planning a corrective surgery at Mannuthy Vet hospital, but it did’nt survive for over 2 days.