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When he was at the veterinary hospital at Mannuthy, Sarath received a call to say that a Rott Weiler was found abandoned and in-jured in a steep ditch on Mulayam road. He reached there and found Angel, a friendly loving dog with hip dysplasia and a fractured hind limb. She was treated by us at Mannuthy vet hospital and is now ready for adoption.

Outbreak of the foot and mouth disease in cattle-

There has been a very high incidence of foot and mouth disease in cattle, which was brought in mainly by transport of sick cattle the border from Tamil Nadu. Cattles in several areas near the national highway were affected and also many stray cattle in Gandhi Nagar. On hearing about this, we scanned the area and kept watch on all the stray cattle. Catching them for treatment was very tough task as these cattles are not used to even a rope on their body or humans interacting much with them. They are used to being left alone. But, the spread of the disease had to be contained and many cows and bulls needed treatment and so, had to be caught and tied up to a tree in the area. They are confined for a few days depending on the severity of the disease and given treatment. All the stray cattle were successfully released after treatment. Dr Thankachan and Dr Latha from DVC attended the cases.

HF and Indigenous cross , approximately 5 year old bull affected with FNM, captured by Kannan Anchery, Babu, Manoj and Preethi, kept tied up in Gandhi Nagar during the treatment period and released after treatment and recovery.

5 year old Jersey cow owned by a farmer at Gandhi Nagar, Cheroor.