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This approximately 9 year old HF Indigenous cross female was the most aggressive of the lot and we named her Kombi. She was affected with FNM, captured by Kannan Anchery, Babu, Manoj and Preethi, kept tied up in Gandhi Nagar during the treatment period and released after treatment and recovery.

This Sindhi Indigenous cross , approximately 16 year old bull, had an injury on his leg, which we were informed about ( this was probably from a plank, that his leg got stuck in some weeks back). He managed to get his leg out by himself, but got injured in the process. On 1.12.13, he was captured by Manoj, Kannan Anchery, Preethi and Ullas and treatment was given by Dr Latha, DVC. He was tied to a tree and kept for a few days during the treatment period and was released on 04.12.13.

These two daschunds were given up by their owners and were taken on by us. They were fostered by Kannan Anchery. The black female was smaller and had a skin infection. She was 1 and a half years old and the brown male was 2 years old. They were both later adopted.