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Jimmy- He was found at Punkunnam, Pushpagiri agraharam with his neck severely slashed and his fore and hind limbs tied up. Balagopal and Prakesh attend-ed the case. They picked up PG students, Dr Prasoon and Dr Varghese who did the pre-liminary treatment. For lack of a place to take the dog, he had to be left there the same night. Preethi and Prakesh picked him up the next day and took him to Preethi’s house where he still lives. He was taken reg-ularly to Mannuthy veterinary hospital where his wounds were treated, but he was perma-nently blinded and hence cannot be re-leased on the streets again.The case was at-tended by Dr Shyam Venugopal at Mannuthy.

Rose- She’s a Rott Weiler who was abandoned at Chiyyaram. After many days on the streets, the matter was reported in the Metro Manorama. She was emaciated and had a tumor on her ventral side, which was probably why she was abandoned. She was rescued by Prakesh and Balagopal at night on 17.10.12 and was brought in a petti auto to a member, Mrs Shoba Varma’s house in Lourdepuram,Thrissur. The next day, she was shifted to another member Mrs Rekha Nandakumar’s house where she was looked after and brought back to health. Her tumor was removed, but still has a swollen hind leg from the microfilarial infection that she had. The case was attended by Dr Rajankutty, Dr John Martin and Dr Vinod at Kokkalai.

Droopy- A Cocker Spaniel who was rescued by Sally and Kannan at Shankarankulangara junction on 19.10.12. He was found by us after a few days on the streets. A bike had run over one of his hind paws and a bone was sticking out. He was taken to Thiruvambady veterinary clinic and next day to Kokkalai for treatment. After a few days, the sticking out bone was operat-ed and a digit removed. He was nursed back to health by sally and Kannan and then ad-opted by them. The case was attended by Dr Latha at Thiruvambady and in the surgery unit at Kokkalai.