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This Daschund was given up by its owners at Mariapuram and was re homed by Kannan Anchery.

This Cockerspaniel was found aban-doned with a badly infected ear , at Kuriachira on 10.12.13. Due to lack of space at the shelter, Kannan Anchery found him a foster home at a hotel at Anchery where he was kept during the treatment period and was later ad-opted by the owners of the hotel.

This black male Labrador was found abandoned at Puzhakkal on 14.12.13. He was rescued by Kannan and Sarath and was taken to our recsue centre where he was for nearly a month. Scanning and tests showed a block in his throat due to which he vomited all the food he ate and could not retain any food inside. There was no treatment for his illness and the only thing we could do was keep him comfort-able till he died on 9.1.14.