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This non descript dog had fallen into a well at Ollur. The case was informed and the rescue was attended by Sarath and Babu. The dog was rescued and released there. It made the rescue easier when he clung on to the rope that was lowered into the well for him.

G S cross anchery- He belonged to a house in Anchery, where he had become ema-ciated as he was not being looked after well. On hearing about this, we took him to DVC Paravattany for necessary treatment and gave the people advice on how to take care of him.

Our new year in 2014 started with this rescue. This approximately One and a half year old Sindhi Indigenous cross cow was found infected very badly with FNM, was limping and required treatment. With a lot of difficulty, she was captured by Kannan Anchery, Babu ,Preethi and Manoj and was tied up to a nearby tree and kept confined for 10 days during the treatment period. She recovered and was released in the same area after treatment.