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We got 3 calls, one from HSCC Girish Kumar and from 2 others regarding an injured non descript dog that was found at Moonnukutti, Thiruvambady. The dog was found under a slab and rescued by Sarath with the help of a person from the area. It was taken for treatment to KVASU and then to our rescue centre, but died in a few hours .

A five month old non descript puppy was rescued by Sarath from Vellanikkara Agricultural university, after we were informed that it was sick and needed treatment. It was taken to KVASU and released back after treatment when the informers said they were willing to take care of the dog.

Mrs Anna Trokes, guest of Nattika Beach Resort found these two small puppies in the neighbourhood when she started going for her morning walks. They had become very friendly with her after she started feeding them and she named them Fido and Lucky. To her utter dismay, one day she found that a few puppies in the lot had been beaten to death by some nasty human beings and Lucky had also been injured badly on his head. She feared that their life would be in danger if left there 4 and brought them over to us. Lucky’s condition improved under the treatment of Dr John Jacob, but after a few days, he deteriorated again. We gave him all possible treatment, but he did not survive. Fido was sent , along with 5 other pups, for the END program to Kokkala vet hospital, from where she got adopted.