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This active male dog was a Labrador cross. He was found with small wounds over his body, after he was attacked by other male dogs in the area, at Ayyanthole near the Panniyamkulangara temple. He was around 2 years old and a very friendly dog, but could not be left loose much as he would jump over the high fences. He found his forever home at Palakkal and was adopted.

He was rescued by Sarath, after a call from Krishnapriya saying this little puppy had been found outside Chinmaya Mission School. He was taken for treatment, but was in a very bad condition. He had a hole on the side of his tummy, from maggots , besides both fractured hind limbs. He was taken for treatment everyday, but there was no improve-ment in his condition. As he worsened, he had to be put down, when he finally got septicemia. The case was attended at Mannuthy Veterinary hospital .

This kitten was brought to us from Arattupuzha after he had an accident a few days back. His condition was already very bad and he did not survive till he could be taken to hospital the next day, as we have no facilities for 24 hour veterinary treatment.