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She was found abandoned at Choorakkatukara with an injury which looked like from burns. She was around 4 years old. She was treated for her wounds and adopted by Unni.

Father of film star Bhavana, informed us about the stray puppies that had possibly been dumped at Parakkot lane. The mother of the puppies was not seen in the vicinity and they were on the road side and he feared that they would be run over. They were rescued the same day by Kannan Anchery and Preethi and were taken to our rescue centre.

We received a call from the collectorate about a cow that was found limping in the Thekinkadu Maithanam. Apparently, she also had a calf. We searched in the area to find a tiny calf, who was the size of a small stray dog and in the vicinity, we found the cow, who was herself, a very young mother. She seemed to be limping and had an injury in her left foreleg. She had to be shifted as there was a greater risk of leaving her calf there and so they were both taken to Preethi’s house for the treatment period. Initially we cleaned the wound but later found there was a thin plastic rope tight inside the wound, which was what had caused the injury. Dr John Jacob removed the plastic rope and she was treated for around 10 days, but as she was very aggressive when tied up, mother and baby had to be released back in the same area soon. The wound healed, but it was actually too early to release the calf. She was seen a week later, but never again. Rescue by Kannan anchery, Preethi Sreevalsan, Babu and Manoj.