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We were informed that a GSD was found injured and abandoned in front of the Periyar hostel at Vellanikkara. Kannan Anchery and Preethi attended the case and found her on the road side. She had an injury and was dragging her hind limbs. She was taken to our rescue centre and later shifted to Preethi’s house for better treatment. She was under the treatment of Dr John Jacob. She was able to raise herself from the ground but unable to stand up and had to drag her hind legs. She also had a broken right ear which was prone to infection.

We received a call from a person at Valarkkavu saying he found an abandoned GSD at his gate which he has tied up and wanted us to take it. We were not sure if the dog actually belonged to him and he wanted to get rid of it. Moreover, we were short of space in the kennels and informed him that we will pick it up when we have space. He threatened to complain about us (to higher authorities!!). The next day, we got another call about an abandoned GSD at Kuriachira and found that it was the very same dog. We picked her up at took her to Preethi’s home. She seemed starved and we hoped that she would get better soon and we would re home her. But tests showed a huge malignant tumor in her stomach wall which had considerable reduced the stomach cavity. The vets said that there was no hope for her and the only option was to attempt surgery, but sad to say that that too failed and the tumor could not be removed. She gradually deteriorated and died some days after surgery. Tina was a young (around 3 years old) , extremely friendly `licker’. She was treated by Dr Anoop, KVASU.

This non descript dog was rescued by us after he had an accident. A radiograph showed a vertebral fracture and he had to be put down. The case was seen by Dr Latha DVC and then Dr Anoop, KVASU.