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These 3 puppies were abandoned by some ‘gentleman’ in a handbag, thrown out of a car at Shaktan Market. This was seen by Shivan from Varantharapilly and two friends, who didn’t have the heart to leave them there and gave us a call. The same night at 10.00pm, they brought the puppies over to our rescue centre.

We had a received a call from SI Rajesh, from the Police Academy at Ramavarmapuram to say that a stray dog was found in the campus, with its head stock inside a plastic jar. Sarath, Preetham and Kannan Anchery went there a few times and spotted the dog, but were unable to catch it due to lack of equipment and as it was extremely scared and ran away from people. We gave up after a few attempts, but after a few days, got a call from SI Rajesh to say that the dog had been caught. To our utter horror, we found that the jar had been removed, but probably in the frustration of trying to catch her, the cops had broken her right foreleg and her left hind leg, probably when they threw some object at her while she was running.

This 3 month old puppy was rescued on 20.2.14 from Viyyur by Sarath and Mathew, following a call saying an injured puppy was found there. He was taken to Mannuthy  vet college and both his hind legs were put in a cast