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Manoj had seen that this 16 year old bull had been limping due to an injury in his hind limb which could be FnM disease. To check on his wound, he had to be captured which would not be easy. However, with the expertise of Kannan Anchery, he was captured with a rope in front of SAI and tied to a post across the road. When the loop was thrown around his horns, he turned violent and fell into the nearby ditch in the process. He had to be lifted out with the help of the fire force. He was kept released the next day after treatment was given for the wound on his hind leg, which was not apparently FnM disease. The case was seen by Dr Thankachan, DVC.

This handsome male dog was 2 years old. He had started becoming a nuisance for children in the area, when he started scaring them and jumping on them when they walked on the streets. Anandavally feared that he would be poisoned by her neighbours and wanted s to take him away. On 07-12-13 he was brought by Preethi, Kannan and Manoj.

These puppies were found at Mundathikode by Anandavally in her neighbouring plot. Since people in the area were threatening to poison them, she wanted them taken away before they grew bigger and started roaming in the area. So we brought them over. 4 of them were taken for the puppy sterilization programme (END) at Kokkala from where they were adopted.