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Kitten- This kitten was rescued by Preethi from her office when it got jammed in the hinges of a door on 19. 10.12. She was around two months of age at the time. She was paralyzed waist downwards and was taken to Kokkalai for treatment. She moves around at considerable speed on her fore limbs and has improved since the accident. The case was attended by Dr Rajankutty.

This dog, a Spitz cross was hit by a car and lay paralysed on the road side at Irinjalakkuda for 3 days, after which Preethi was informed by Mr Sippy. Prakesh and Balagopal attended the rescue on 31.10.12 night at 10 pm, but were unable to do much as they had no veterinary help and we had no place to keep the dog. The next morning, Preethi and Prakesh drove to Irinjalakkuda and rescued the dog. He was taken to Mannuthy veterinary hos-pital, but had to be put down as he had severe injuries and had a fracture in his vertebral column. The case was attend-ed by Dr Anoop.

This Rott Weiler was found aban-doned near Kanimangalam on 9.11.12. Prakesh rescued him in response to a call from his friend and kept him under foster care for some days. He was fam-ished and dehydrated when found. He was found to be a one master dog and not too friendly with strangers. He was looked after by Prakesh, till he was re homed. 5