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Mulla was rescued by Kannan Anchery and Preethi Sreevalsan on 26.03.14 following a call from Dr Unnikrishnan of Mulamkunnathukkavu Govt Med College, to say there was a dog roaming around there, that had killed some puppies and bitten other dogs as well. They called again to say the dog had been locked up in a bathroom. We went there to find this fellow, less than a year old, badly injured with bite marks and bleeding wounds all around his snout. So we brought him over to be treated, but the mystery re-mains unsolved….This little fellow was aggressive due to pain and fear and we had a tough time trying to catch him without getting bitten, but, he could’nt be the one biting several other dogs. So who was that then???!!!

We were informed by Seejo (Kuriachira) about an abandoned female German Shepherd, approximately 4 years old, that had strayed into his compound. He kept it for a few days and then wanted us to take it away as he did not have the space to keep it. The dog was picked up by Kannan Anchery on 02.04.14. It had a maggot wound on its tummy which was treated and is now undergoing further treatment.

Received a call from Mr Sasi, trainer in the Police Dog Squad to say that a puppy was found injured in the Ramavarmapuram Police Camp and requested our service. We went there to find this hardly one month old puppy with this deep wound. Amazing that an animal can remain silent, while suffering so much pain. Can you imagine how a human being would have reacted in such pain? Rescue at-tended by Kannan Anchery and Preethi Sreevalsan.