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On 19.10.16, we received a call regarding 16 abandoned puppies that had been tied up in a plastic sack and thrown in a field. The informers did not suspect anything as they did’nt see any movement in the sack, but went close and heard little cries from the bag. 16 tiny puppies who had just opened their eyes, had been dumped. We don’t know if they belonged to one mother or two, but they were all the same size.

We were in no position to take in the puppies as they need care andĀ bottle feeding at least 4 to 5 times a day. That’s when the informers found Mr Binoy and his son, Abhay who agreed to take care of them. They were a true god sent for us. We hope to get the pups adopted at our adoption drive on the 6th of Nov. We have been providing de worming, vitamin medicines and milk and checking on the puppies everyday, while Binoy and Abhay have been spending all the time and giving these little puppies the best care possible.

We hope that we will find more such people who have the heart to care for the animal world and such abandoned/ injured lives. We are willing to extend any help possible to such people as we have huge space constraints and cannot take care of every abandoned/ injured animal in Thrissur district.