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This Rott Weiler was found abandoned near Thriprayar. he was a healthy dog when found by Prakesh, who took him home and managed to re home him.

This german shepherd was abandoned and found in a steep ditch at Ernakulam. The matter ws report-ed in Asianet News on 3.12.12. In re-sponse to this, the dog was rescued the next day by Prakesh. The dog had been in the ditch for five days and was unable to get out. With a lot of difficulty, Prakesh got into the ditch and rescued the dog. Sreejith helped him to take the dog to Feliscan hospi-tal, Thripunithara, where the dog was under the treatment of Dr Sunil kumar. The hospital expenses were borne by Sreejith and the dog was handed over to Manoj, after treatment and she was named Dona.

Sreejith received a call from Baby to say that a golden retriever cross had been abandoned at Paravoor. He attended the call on 11. 12.12 and rescued the dog which was nearly involved in a road accident, as it was unfamiliar with the streets. He took it to Feliscan hospital where it was treated and the adopted on 15. 12.12 by Mr justin who bore the hos-pital expenses as well.