Meet Manu Joy, a passionate individual with a heart full of compassion for both people and animals. As an ardent fan of the legendary actor Mohanlal, Manu finds inspiration in the arts, particularly in painting portraits of both people and animals. In addition to his love for art, Manu has a unique talent for mimicking the voices of celebrities, bringing happiness and laughter to those around him.

Manu Joy joined PAWS Thrissur a year ago and has since become an integral part of the organization’s mission. While he works at Wedding Village, a reception hall located on the Puzhakkal Patayorathu in Thrissur, his dedication to animal welfare extends beyond his regular work hours. During breaks, Manu actively engages in attending rescue and urgent hospital cases, demonstrating his commitment to making a difference in the lives of animals in distress.

With a blend of artistic passion, a love for mimickry, and a profound commitment to animal welfare, Manu Joy exemplifies the spirit of kindness and positivity that defines PAWS Thrissur’s team.