Sowmya Menon


Sowmya Menon

A proud native of Thrissur, Sowmya Menon embodies the spirit of compassion deeply rooted in her community. With an academic background in English literature, Sowmya initially found her passion in the world of fashion. Fifteen years ago, she established a successful fashion designing shop, where her creative pursuits thrived.

Immersed in the realm of clothes and fashion, Sowmya’s life took an unexpected turn five years ago when her son brought home a lively beagle. Despite initial reluctance, she embraced the responsibility of caring for the furry companion and soon discovered a profound love for him. This pivotal moment marked the beginning of Sowmya’s journey into the world of animal welfare.

Her path led her to PAWS Thrissur, where she found a familiar face in the organization’s founder, a senior from her school days. The founder’s commitment to animal rescue deeply impressed Sowmya and drew her closer to the cause. Inspired by the mission of PAWS, she decided to contribute her time and energy as a volunteer.

In the span of five years, PAWS has become Sowmya’s second love. Beyond the bustling world of fashion design, you will now find her dedicating her time to the well-being of animals at PAWS. Her role as a volunteer has evolved, and she has taken on the crucial task of fundraising for the organization.