Preethy Sreevalsan

Founder, Operations in charge

Preethy Sreevalsan

Born into a family where the ethos of ‘animal lives matter’ was ingrained, Preethi Sreevalsan, the founder of PAWS Thrissur, learned her first lessons in animal welfare from her compassionate parents and sister, Jyothi Sreevalsan. Raised in a household where even a rat was spared, Preethi’s father, Dr B Sreevalsan, a practicing anesthetist, would carry food daily for an elderly dog during his early morning visits to the temple. Together with her sister, they forged paths of compassion, bringing home animals in need and vehemently opposing any form of cruelty.


Preethi’s formative years in Thrissur, under the guidance of Mrs Nalini Chandran at Hari Sri Vidya Nidhi, instilled in her the ability to think independently, make her own choices, and stand up for what she believed was right. Pursuing post-graduation in Biotechnology in Tamil Nadu, she discovered her aversion to research work and an innate compassion for lab animals, rejecting any form of cruelty towards them.


Returning to her hometown after studies, Preethi began rescuing distressed animals, a journey that gained public attention through newspaper articles. Responding to the growing need for assistance, her mother suggested that she could achieve more by uniting with fellow animal lovers. In 2010, PAWS Thrissur was founded with a mission to rescue and rehabilitate animals in need.


Leading a dedicated team of around 60 members and volunteers, Preethi and her core group tirelessly serve animals. PAWS Thrissur focuses on creating awareness about animal welfare, rescuing and providing medical care to street dogs, cats, and other animals, conducting adoption drives, workshops, vaccination drives, sterilization camps, and more. Over the years, the organization has rescued and treated over 2500 animals and successfully facilitated numerous adoptions.


Preethi Sreevalsan’s unwavering dedication to animal welfare has inspired individuals in Kerala and beyond to join the cause of rescue and rehabilitation. Her relentless efforts to enhance the lives of animals in the community have solidified PAWS Thrissur as a respected and beloved institution in Kerala. As she continues to lead the charge, Preethi remains a beacon of compassion and change, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of animal welfare.