Onam Celebrations 2021

Onam Celebrations-2021

Regular work in an Animal Welfare Organization like PAWS can be extremely taxing on the mind due to lack of solutions for many calls that come to us. Having to turn down rescue cases for want of space, manpower and funds very often turn out to be a reason for volunteers to get demotivated. Hence it is also necessary to have fun, entertainment and celebration to keep the spirits of the volunteers up. Onam is the most important festival in Kerala and this Onam we decided to have a grand celebration at office with a pookalam( a floor arrangement of flowers in different patterns) and some of our doggies at office dressed up in ‘kasavu mundu’, the traditional costume of Kerala. It was most cute to watch our little doggies having their sadhya( feast) served on the plantain leaf (as is usually done for people).

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